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Chris Jordan | Published on 2/18/2024
The wind was unusual out of the North-northwest at 11 knots which made the start interesting. Even though the starting buoy was placed well towards the Kalapaki side of our usual starting line it still favored a port tack start. And that is what all 4 boats in the race did as they started the 4.51 mile course A-D-E.

On Ozone Danny Judd steered the entire race and at the start he had to deal with Bonjolea II coming up fast next to him, almost pushing Ozone over the starting line early. But the very fast Sydney 36 Bonjolea II with Bonnie Tiffany steering the boat quickly passed Ozone to leeward and they took off for the lighthouse buoy. Meanwhile Fast Company who was nearest boat to the race committee found an area of very light wind which had them start a little later than the others according to skipper Jim Saylor.

Double Espresso the third Olson 30 in the race started furthest down the line with Zachary Lange on the helm with his crew being the Kauai Sailing Association younger sailors. Zack, who is the waterfront director of the Duluth-Superior Sailing Association in Minnesota, is back for his second winter teaching the KSA kids. Double Espresso was giving Fast Company a run for their money for the first half of the race.

At the Ninini Lighthouse buoy it was Bonjolea II rounding first followed by Ozone, Double Espresso, and Fast Company. It looked like Fast Company went up higher after rounding in order to get their spinnaker up earlier in the very Northerly winds before heading back down towards the breakwater. Ozone kept down lower under jib and didn’t raise their spinnaker until they got back into the harbor. Heading to the G-11 buoy by the Coast Guard Station the wind was a little flukey and Fast Company was gaining on Ozone. After rounding they went further to weather of Ozone and as they approached the obstruction zone in front of the race committee they called for room. They had a small overlap with Ozone and Danny Judd gave just enough room for Fast Company to squeeze by without hitting the R-6 buoy or Ozone. But this put Fast Company in bad air and Ozone pulled away.

Meanwhile, Bonjolea II sailing downwind with John Ross trimming the spinnaker passed the boats going upwind in the area near the starting line. They were so far ahead it looked like they were in a different race! Heading up to the Kalapaki buoy the Olson 30’s encountered a fleet of outrigger canoes who kindly changed course to stay out of the sailboats way.

Ozone and Fast Company maintained about the same separation after rounding the Kalapaki Buoy, the G-7 buoy and the G-11 buoy. The final leg was around the Kalapaki Buoy and then the G-11 buoy by the Coast Guard Station and then on to the finish line. On the upwind leg Ozone gained on Fast Company as they took a nice wind shift lift towards the finish line.

But it was Bonjolea II taking line honors and first place for the 4th race in a row this year. A whopping four minutes and 22 seconds in the lead on corrected time. Great work Bonnie and crew! Ozone took second place by 1 minute and 23 seconds over Fast Company who finished in third place a minute and 24 seconds ahead of Double Espresso who had a very good race.

Rumor has it that the Olson 30 Kato with owner Kevin Millett will be racing next week. This is one of the fastest Olson 30’s and it happens to be for sale at what I would I would consider half price ($10,000). Buy this boat before I do and come join the fleet!

The 3rd race in the Ken Martinez Commodore Series will take place on Thursday 2/22/24 with a 5 pm start. The public is invited to watch the race from the Nawiliwili mole parking area where the race committee is located.


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