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Chris Jordan | Published on 10/8/2022
It was another beautiful day for sailing with the winds out of the Northeast at 8-10 knots. The 4.63 mile course was B-E-D with one outside lap to the Ninini Lighthouse Buoy and two inside laps around the Kalapaki Buoy. The wind was so far north that Ozone, Fast Company and Weatherly started on port tack by the race committee and this paid off.

Ozone had a very nice start and Fast Company was close by but got into Ozone’s bad air so they tacked away. Ozone went further towards the breakwater and when they tacked back to round the Kalapaki Buoy to starboard before heading out to the lighthouse buoy they had gained a lot. When Fast Company tacked back towards the breakwater they had to duck Weatherly but they cleared Bonjolea II. When Fast Company headed back towards the Kalapaki Buoy on starboard tack with rights a lot of yelling was heard as the buoy was approached. Bonjolea II was coming in on port tack and they altered course to avoid Papa Au. But subsequently they were seen to do two 360 degree penalty turns which set them back. Weatherly had lost a lot of distance to Fast Company at this point as well. Curse those light and flukey winds by the Kalapaki Buoy!!!

After rounding the Kalapaki Buoy Ozone had taken a lower course than the other boats that had stayed up higher near the Kukui Lighthouse. By staying away from the cliff Ozone seemed to get more air and they gained. At the Ninini Lighthouse Buoy rounding it was Ozone in front followed by Fast Company, Bonjolea II and Weatherly. Papa Au and Double Espresso didn’t have their RaceQ’s on so it is hard to say what position they rounded in.

Downwind Fast Company had their new spinnaker up and they were gaining on Ozone as they approached the G-7 gybe mark. Bonjolea II had also caught up to Fast Company at this mark. Shortly after rounding the G-11 buoy by the Coast Guard Station to head upwind, Bonjolea II tacked away early towards the breakwater and Fast Company tacked to cover them. Ozone kept going towards the cruise ship and when they tacked back they were able to cross the start-finish line as required (in case the race committee decides to shorten course). Both Fast Company and Bonjolea II had to tack back to stay inside the start-finish line G-5 buoy. Fast Company was a little ahead of Bonjolea II at this buoy and was probably giving them bad air. Bonjolea II quickly tacked back towards the breakwater while Fast Company kept going. When they next met up, Fast Company had to duck Bonjolea II who was coming on quickly on starboard tack. When they both tacked back and met up again, Bonjolea II on port heading towards the breakwater was just able to clear Fast Company on starboard tack. And when Bonjolea II tacked back to round the Kalapaki Buoy to port, they were precisely on the lay line. Ozone had over stood the mark but rounded the buoy first followed by Bonjolea II. Fast Company had to make two more tacks near the buoy and this put them further back. Now Bonjolea II is a boat that likes to reach to go fast. They reached way up nearer the breakwater and actually rounded the G-7 buoy before heading to the mark rounding at G-11 by the Coast Guard Station. Meanwhile Ozone and Fast Company were flying their spinnakers almost dead downwind and they were gaining. Fast Company passed Bonjolea II here and after the rounding to head upwind Bonjolea II again tacked away early towards the breakwater. Ozone kept going towards the cruise ship and way overstood before tacking back towards the mole. Fast Company timed their tack much better and took a lift, gaining remarkably on Ozone upwind.

Ozone was still able to round the Kalapaki Buoy to port in the lead on the 3rd and final rounding. Fast Company had to do two tacks close to the buoy to get around it. But Fast Company kept going towards the mole at a quick pace while Ozone had rounded and headed high towards the breakwater going slow. Fast Company now had a hotter and faster angle under spinnaker than Ozone who was heading more dead downwind. As Fast Company was gaining considerably, Ozone was nervously watching over their shoulder. It was getting too close for comfort.

After the final rounding of the G-11 buoy by the Coast Guard Station to head back upwind to the finish line, Fast Company broke tacks with Ozone in an effort to gain on them. But Ozone tacked to cover them and fortunately their crew work was flawless. Fast Company then tacked back again towards the mole but Ozone didn’t take the bait and kept sailing in order to only have only one more tack to the finish line instead of three more tacks. And Ozone took line honors and first place in the PHRF Class while Fast Company took second place. And although Bonjolea II crossed the finish line next, on handicap time Speedy took 3rd place over them by a mere 4 seconds.

In the Club Class it was Weatherly in first place, Papa Au in second and Double Espresso in third.

The 7th and final race in the Gene Wells Memorial Series will be held on Thursday 10/13/22 with a 5 pm start. There will not be a race on 10/20/22. The Halloween Race will be held on Thursday 10/27/22 so think about costumes. Ozone’s skipper will be in Boston visiting his mother and hadn’t made any plans for a party (unless someone else is up for it).


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