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Chris Jordan | Published on 8/1/2022
The winds were quite light at 5-8 knots out of the Northeast and the boats were using their larger #1 headsails. The 4.51 mile course was D-A-E with one lap outside the harbor to the Ninini Lighthouse buoy squeezed in between the two inside laps around the Kalapaki Buoy.

On Ozone, foredeck Dan Judd convinced everyone that a port tack start was favored and so along with Papa Au they started on port tack by the race committee on the mole. Double Espresso started on port also but nearer to the pin end. Weatherly had an interesting start coming downwind and looping the starting pin at the last minute and they gained a position in front of Fast Company and Speedy coming in on starboard tack. Ozone on port tack was able to pass in front of all the starboard tackers. (Good call on that port tack start Danny!) Fast Company now tacked to port in front of Papa Au giving them bad air and slowing them down. When all the boats reached the breakwater they tacked back towards the Kalapaki buoy but all the boats were below the layline and they all had to tack out and back in order to make it around the buoy. Unfortunately for Double Espresso they didn’t quite go far enough and they touched the buoy and so they had to do one penalty turn. This slowed them down and knocked them out of their second place position and into third place behind Weatherly. Fast Company, Papa Au and Speedy then followed.

Downwind under spinnaker the Olson 30 Speedy was able to pass the smaller Express 27 Papa Au. And Fast Company gained and was now right on Double Espresso’s stern. Battle on! The mark rounding at the G-11 buoy by the Coast Guard Station had a more Northerly wind than usual and the rounding boats appeared to be headed. Fast Company tacked back towards the breakwater early, which I thought would pay off. But it appeared that by going into the header further towards the cruise ship that when they tacked back both Weatherly and Double Espresso had a better lift and they were outpointing Fast Company. On the way out to the Ninini Lighthouse buoy Weatherly was outpointing Ozone and they were gaining a lot. Double Espresso and Fast Company also appeared to be gaining. Ozone was able to round the lighthouse buoy first, just a little ahead of Weatherly. Double Espresso gained when it appeared that Fast Company had to  throw in some extra tacks to make it around the buoy. Speedy and Papa Au followed.

Downwind under spinnaker Weatherly was right on Ozone’s stern threatening to pass them. But on the final lap to the Kalapaki Buoy Weatherly had to throw in a couple of extra tacks to make it around the buoy and Ozone increased their lead.

At the finish line it was Alison Fornari steering on Ozone taking line honors and first place in the PHRF Class. Weatherly finished in second place a minute and 39 seconds later with Lexi Lane-Schwarze doing a very nice job on the helm. Double Espresso took third with the young Maile Rollins steering. In the Club Class it was Speedy taking first place with wahine Mavis Aiu driving the boat. Fast Company took second place with Cathy Meyer steering. (Cathy just finished the Pacific Cup Race from San Francisco to Kaneohe Bay on the Express 27 called “Hang 20”. She did this double handed with Lori Tewksbury so I guess they had twenty toes on the rail a lot). And in third place was Papa Au with Victoria Aiu on the helm.

The overall results for the Wahine Series of 5 races had Weatherly winning first place with 7 points. Congratulations! Ozone was in second place with 8 points. Double Espresso with the youngest Kauai Sailing Association kids took third place with 17 points.

I really like the Wahine Series. The next series not so much... This is the Short Race Series starting 8/4/22 with all inside the harbor courses. (I miss that long leg out to the lighthouse and back). How about considering a race series where a different person has to steer on each race? Expand the crew knowledge. Anyway, Thursday 8/4/22 is the first race in the Short Series with a 5 pm start. The best viewing is at the Nawiliwili mole parking area. The public is cordially invited and actually will see a lot more close action inside the harbor. Bring your cameras!

- Chris

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